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Archant Technologies is a global company that offers a world of opportunity.

We offer challenging assignments, world-class working environment, professional management and ample opportunities to train, learn, and execute the most demanding projects, and in turn get recognition in the form of exceptional rewards.

At Archant Technologies you get a chance to do great work with some of the brightest people. We promote a culture of transparency and openness embracing enthusiasm and passion.

If you are passionate about working on cutting edge technology and if you have what it takes to succeed in the work place, then Archant Technologies is the place to be. We follow your passion, if you have the understanding and knowledge to overcoming business challenges and deliver great results.

We attract people through our passion, interesting work by creating a platform to people build their career through teamwork, growth and exposure. We bring together highly talented people in a creative and collaborative environment and work together. We overcome challenges by making even the most challenging tasks enjoyable and rewarding.

You will enjoy unprecedented exposure to both clients as well as cutting edge technology. Archant Technologies team is made up of individuals who come from a wide range of cultural, educational and geographic backgrounds.

We hire the best people and help make them become even better!

Passionate about growth and development! Looking for a life in technology fast lane! Archant Technologies is the place to be.

The career opportunities span over core business divisions such as Application Development, Cloud Services and Mobility.

Current Open Positions

C Programing Language

Computer System Analyst

Java Developer

Cloud Services

MySql Database


Send your resume to: Archant Technologies LLC. 9901 E Valley Ranch Pkwy, Suite # 2034, Irving, Texas, 75063 Or

email to: hr@archantstech.com

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