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About Archants

ArchantsTech is one of the leading US based turnkey IT development and staffing company partners with clients in IT project execution and staffing needs.

Archantstech brings Agility in services to partners with proactive approach. Archantstech believes in transparency and engagement with partner.

Archantstech adds value to partners in IT Consulting, Staffing, Infra Support Services, UI, BFSI, Application Development, Mobile Application Development, ERP, BIDW, Health Care, Oil and Gas, Retail, E-Commerce, IoT and Cloud services of core services.


To be a global Consulting, Staffing business partner and to produce world class persistent quality services


Cloud Infrastructure Management :

Enterprise-wide hybrid cloud strategy to address data security, governance and compliance supported by advanced analytics.

Artificial Intelligence :

The large histories of data with Artificial Intelligence is providing benefits in improved customer experience, compliance, product delivery and risk management.

Blockchain :

Providing a transformational impact in improving efficiency, cost effectiveness and security.

Data Management & Analytics :

Data management and migration – Cognitive computing is improving the quality of systems leading to more accurate and faster data transfer for improved business with Informatics and Analytics to ensure accuracy, reliability and consistency.

IoT :

The Internet of Things has been deemed as 'The Next Big Thing' owing to countless possibilities it provides. It is a network of connected devices that are fitted with electronic sensors or actuators, gather and interchange data over a network without needing human interaction.

Mobility :

Mobility will continue to seek more cooperation and compliance between the organisations.

Full Stack :

With the original meaning of full stack, generally used between developers and web designers, it really means someone who understands all the layers and all. the technology behind the complete package.

Cloud :

Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without direct active management by the user. The term is generally used to describe data centres available to many users over the Internet.

Retain and E-commerce :

Retail businesses sell various products through a store or chains of stores. Essentially to increase sales through Television, Newspaper and Billboard ads. E-commerce trend slipped into retail world and most retail shops have some kind of an online presence.

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